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From the Manager - October 2018

Image of child attending annual meeting wearing toy hardhat.First, thank you for attending your annual meeting in August. We were excited to play host to 268 members and their families. Your annual meeting was a success, and we look forward to next year’s 75th annual meeting.

This year’s meeting saw us include more child friendly activities, and we plan on having more at future meetings. I enjoyed hearing the laughter from the bounce house as I made my rounds around the gymnasium and visited with all of you. Many of you expressed gratitude for our friends and neighbors with the Clay County Health Department, Clay County Hospital, local 4-H chapter and the myriad of other local companies present.

I was proud to have the opportunity to introduce the membership to Collin Moseley. Collin is a bright and motivated young man we are happy to have representing us nationally on the Youth Leadership Council. The youth program is near and dear to my heart. Seeing young adults from our high schools find success through the program makes the effort to support the Youth Tour and Youth to Washington worthwhile. They give me hope for our future.

One of the most visible changes going on in the cooperative right now is our building project. We are happy to report that we have “broken sky.” Walls and supports are finally going up at our new building. Th ere’s still a lot of work to do, but we still expect construction to conclude around the end of February. As I told you at the annual meeting, I am especially proud that your board and staff found enough costs savings to build the new building without incurring an increase in electric rates.

Switching gears, I want to address some of the questions brought to us about solar installations. With different laws and subsidies in flux at the state level, there are lots of questions floating around. We encourage any of our members interested in a solar build, or information on ways to improve their home’s efficiency to lower cost, to contact us before starting any building project. With so many moving parts, it’s always best to make sure you understand the full impact and potential pitfalls of any major construction project.

Taking a moment to shift more to business, you may have noticed this issue has minutes from the Clay Electric Co-operative’s board meetings from both July and August. The reason is a simple one. We want to get information to our members as quickly as possible, and we have streamlined the process to allow us to publish the minutes with less of a delay. Th is month we are doubling up, so our future publications will have the most current minutes available.

We would like to take a moment to thank our newly elected board officers. Richard Rudolphi will be reprising his role as Board President for the coming year. Kevin Logan was elected to serve as Vice President of the board and Bob Pierson will be serving as your new Secretary/Treasurer. We are very fortunate to have a board that works as hard for you, the membership, as the men and women I’ve worked with in my time at Clay Electric.